Benchmarking & peer grouping

Local vs. international

Family Office Management Consulting conducts in-depth benchmarking studies, individually designed to the analysis aspects of your particular structure, respectively family office operations and defines together with you a bespoken peer group which may including international, local peers of similar structures and set-ups, respectively a combination of both of the latter two.


Family Office Management Consulting conducts up-to-date market research for the single and multi-family office, as well as the private client market in general, thereby defining and highlighting market trends and developments; such research is provided to clients on an international as well as on a local-market basis.

In regard to multi-family office set-ups, market positioning as well as client segmentation and requirement studies are included as much as detailed competitor analyses.

Costs & revenues

In contrast to previous perceptions of the family office being purely a cost center, nowadays family offices are run strategically with the goal of turning them into profit centers and running them as businesses.

Family Office Management Consulting conducts in-depth reviews of your existing family office structures in terms of costs and profitability, defining bespoken peer groups and conducting benchmarking analyses in terms of key figures, while at the same time developing customized optimization strategies.

For multi-family office set-ups, Family Office Management Consulting conducts analyses on profitability margins and pricing models whereby relying on best practices as well as market analysis and insights from  its extensive consulting experience and scope.