Education & research

The Family Office Concept

Family Office Management Consulting conducts single up to three-day workshop sessions to provide general introductions to the family office concept, respectively to give in-depth training on individual family office aspects including, but not being limited to, the following:

  • Family office set-up and structuring
  • Individual family office  building blocks, i.e., reporting/consolidation, investment set-up and  structures, infrastructure, platform and systems
  • The multi-family office concept
The Next Generation

Family Office Management Consulting conducts bespoken training sessions for members of the young/next generation on the general family office concept, selected investment aspects, family governance, family business and succession, entrepreneurship within the family office and philanthropy, amongst others.

Market analysis

Family Office Management Consulting conducts bespoken market research and analysis on general trends in international and local markets, specific family office aspects, i.e., compensation, hiring, outsourcing, investing.