Family business & governance

Succession planning

Creating a family legacy beyond the first generation represents one of the major challenges of business families. In order to do so, a number of obstacles have to be mastered including not only the transfer of values from the founding generation, but first and foremost, putting in place appropriate structures to facilitate a smooth and successful succession process.

Family Office Management Consulting accompanies you throughout the
succession journey including the development of strategic vision and values.

Wealth vs. business

The transition from business to wealth owner may be a smooth transition, respectively happen over night in case of a liquidity event. In both cases challenges are eminent and need to be mastered.

Family Office Management Consulting has accompanied multiple international families throughout this process and shares with you best practices on how to build up a family legacy in the long term.

Appropriate investment structures and strategies are hereby as important  as clear guidelines on family control/involvement and the role of  strategic investments.

Governance systems

A strong family governance set-up represents not only the back-bone of every successful family office structure, but enables moreover the family to act with “one voice” and take strategic decisions efficiently beyond the first and second generations.

Family Office Management Consulting designs together with you a bespoken family governance system including efficient decision paths, i.e., via  family boards and family assemblies, as well as family holding companies, amongst other structures.

Vision, mission & Family Charter

At the heart of a strong family governance set-up stands the Family Charter as the all-encompassing and guiding document for the family, the family office as well as close and trusted advisors.

Family Office Management Consulting defines together with you the pillars for the Family Charter document including vision and value statements for the family, the business and the  family office, if required in combination with estate planning  documentation and supported by legal advisors.