FOMC in the Press

October 2022

Publication: Familienvermoegen dauerhaft sichern

March 2021

Top Female Leaders Special Feature for International Women’s Day Celebration

October 2019

Interview with FOMC’s CEO

August 2018

CEO Corinna Schulthess Traumueller becomes Mentor at the leAD Sports Accelerator Program

July 2018

FOMC named one of the top 40 consulting firms worldwide by Family Capital (PDF)

March 2018

CEO Corinna Schulthess Traumueller Speaker at This Year’s Swiss CFA Conference (PDF)

October 2014

Wealth & Money Management Awards Winners Announced (PDF)

November 2013

2013 Finance Awards – Winners Announced (PDF)

July 2012

Campden: “Southern Comfort” (PDF)

July 2012

Family Office Review: “Costs and Rising Barriers forcing change in the commercial family office landscape” (PDF)

July 2011

Swiss Business: "Womens Choice" (PDF)

March 2010

Finyear: “Benchmark qualitatif pour les family offices”

Spring 2010

Private Magazine: “Challenge liquidity event – from family business to family office” (PDF)