Set-up & structuring

Governance & organization

Governance starts on the owners’ side transcending onto family office operations with a strong governance not only being the key for long-term success, but also providing the basis for successful investment decision-making and activities.

We work alongside you to design your very own governance processes and procedures, reaching from simple job descriptions, employee incentive schemes, to investment committee/advisory board set-ups including internal and external participation, as well as structuring efficient cross-border operations for large family office units.

We further coordinate the hiring of new staff, the selection of outsourcing partners, and assist you in the drafting of internal processes and procedure manuals including detailed succession plans for the management teams of the family office.


A strong strategic focus represents the basis for long-term investment success, regardless of whether family office portfolios are managed alongside the family business or the family investment company represents the business itself.

Family Office Management Consulting assists you not only in the set-up of proper investment frameworks including investment vehicles, structures and governance tools, i.e., private placement funds in various jurisdictions, and/or investment committee structures, but also defines with you investment guidelines & policies.

Further we work with you on determining the benefits of internal versus external investment management for your particular structure including specific know-how and expertise search.

Infrastructure & platform

The set-up of a professional infrastructure and platform represents the back-bone of every wealth, respectively family office structure; consolidation and reporting as well as trading and execution systems are hereby as important as back- and middle-office teams.

The question of how far such services and platforms should be built up  in-house, respectively outsourced, we will answer together with you,  respectively advise you throughout the selection processes, always  taking into account considerations on costs and functionality.

Liquidity events

The complete or partial sale of the family business represents an important event bringing along a whole range of questions as well as challenges.

Family Office Management Consulting accompanies you throughout the entire process including pre- and post-transaction phases thereby working with you on new future visions and strategies for the family and the family office.

As personal aspects are to be taken into account as much as regulatory, succession and estate/tax planning sides, we will provide you with a project team, respectively incorporate your existing advisors, as part  of the consulting project.

Together with you, we will address key  questions such as staying a “business family” without the family  business, how to master the transition from business to wealth owners,  respectively how to become a successful “entrepreneurial investor”.

Contingency & security

Given not only the access to a tremendous amount of confidential and personal information, but also in regard to its role as the central coordinator, strategic partner and risk manager, family offices are required to implement solid control and security frameworks, starting with authority manuals over access controls and data management systems, up to physical protection, depending on the location of the office itself.

Family Office Management Consulting works alongside you to design customized security set-ups including the respective internal control processes, IT systems as much as succession and deputy structures for owners and family office management.


Philanthropy has experienced a tremendous change in the family office sphere in recent times – whereas previously the term was mainly associated with the support of a certain charitable cause, be it via the own family foundation, today the “entrepreneurial spirit” transcends into this field as well.

Families and owners are seeking to make a difference by investing “sustainably”, some of them structuring entire portfolios under this objective, others exploring the newly-emerging investment fields of micro-financing and impact investing.

Family Office Management Consulting advises you throughout your philanthropic endeavors whether such are part of your own family philanthropic projects, external causes or in the area of sustainable investing.

We bring appropriate experts and partners into the project  team for structuring and implementation as well as later impact  measurement processes and tools.