Investors' Circles

The family office world of today is a global one. Not only are owners and entrepreneurs living international lives, but they also want to invest and diversify internationally. In order to do so, ties and alliances across borders are as important as local know-how, expertise as well as accessibility to interesting projects.

Family Office Management Consulting provides a platform for international exchange as well as assists in the set-up of pooled investment structures and vehicles combined with the appropriate operational platforms including efficient performance, incentive and cost models, allowing multiple investors to join forces under a single umbrella.

Multi-Family Offices

Going from single to a multi-client practice comes with opportunities alongside a number of challenges. Family Office Management Consulting provides advice on all aspects of a successful multi-family office set-up including the initial drafting of a solid business plan, the hiring of high-caliber and suitable talent combined with appropriate compensation and incentive plans,

as well as defining concrete offerings/product shelves and putting in place profitable fee schedules and service agreements. A clear strategic market positioning is hereby essential.

Banking/Wealth Management platforms

In response to changing client demands as well as constant changes in the regulatory environment, banks and asset management firms are revising offerings, product shelves and sometimes their entire approach to servicing private clients. The family office theme also plays an important role here.

Family Office Management Consulting provides advice on the set-up/structuring of family office units as part of asset management/banking platforms, infrastructure solutions and customized family office as well as middle/back office service offerings.