What we do

Family Office Management Consulting Ltd. provides independent and objective advice on a variety of family office aspects including global structuring, governance and infrastructure solutions and performs  in-depth reviews of existing family office set-ups worldwide.

Our  highly-knowledgeable consultants, specialized in various fields, work alongside owners, families and family offices to set up best-in-class structures and implement most sophisticated solutions thereby applying rigorous best practices.

Our advice on the creation of  customized solutions takes not only legal and fiscal requirements as  well as the characteristics of the individual wealth structure into  account, but also personal expectations and preferences.

Workshops  for the family, trusted advisors as well as family office management  and employees facilitated by Family Office Management Consulting,  selected experts as well as leading academics, are often the starting  point for the family office venture, resulting in the definition of the individual family office strategy as well as concrete project and implementation plans.

In addition to our internal consultants, we provide clients with a  team of seasoned specialists which coordinates and optimizes the input of all regional and international advisors at every stage of the family  office project thereby creating professional (and international)  family office structures.

Family office solutions may reach from the classical single-family office, multi-family office structures to hybrids and virtual family office set-ups.